Local Voices

Enjoy these firsthand accounts of growing up in and around Index, Washington… then consider sending us a written or recorded story of your own! Written and oral histories are an excellent way to preserve and share your memories while inspiring others to take an interest in the past. Thanks for sharing these with us!

The Angel on the Mountain by Don Janssen
Bull of the Woods by Don Janssen
The Kid by Don Janssen

The Angel on the Mountain

By Don Janssen (Copyright Nov. 2017)

Here am I no longer young nor completely old. Here’s what 1953 looked like. Mom and Dad had bought a resort called Garland Mineral Springs way out in the boondocks 11 miles from Index, Wash. It was a place where you could come and take the waters and be revitalized. It was a partnership with some people in Wenatchee. Mom and Dad stayed at the resort and worked hard to restore a three story hotel and a bunch of cabins. Read the full story here…

Bull of the Woods

By Don Janssen (Copyright Nov. 2017)

To keep the resort going took a lot of time and money. Dad decided to go to work in the woods as a choker setter. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the mechanics of the timber workers. I understand the choker setter had a very dangerous job. After the fallers went through an area the crew would pull cables out from the drum of cables on a donkey engine and the guys would pull the cables around the tree trunk and fasten the cable tight.  Read the full story here…

The Kid

By Don Janssen (Copyright Nov. 2017)

Oh, to be a kid again at Garland Mineral Springs.

I was too young to join in the fun of rebuilding the pipeline that brought water straight down to a very large DC electric generator. I didn’t have to do much. I took out the garbage from the hotel and from the cabins. I’d load the stuff onto a wagon and pull it down a little back road that went about ½ mile through the woods and out onto a long gravel bar where I’d add to a pile of junk that would mysteriously disappear each winter. Read the full story here…